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“Aga immediately impressed our board with her confidence and the clarity of her vision for our space.”


In a saturated condominium and luxury apartment market, the properties built more than a decade ago, are having a hard time competing and staying current. The Board of Directors at the Courtyard Square Condominiums recognized that and called for help to bring life and function back to their very popular community room. Whether it is for a formal meeting, or a social gathering, the space is being used a lot by the residents of the complex, and it was a natural decision to remain current in the market.

The main challenges were pointed to the dated color scheme, bulky and hard to maneuver furniture, and the over dated appearance of the space. It was important to the client to evoke a feeling of lightness and freshness, while introducing modern design elements that provide all the functionality required in the space.

The mix of creams and metallic embossing in the wall covering, contrasted by a neutral gold and a toned-down apple green, provided a base for the neutral materials, metals, wood finishes and upholstery in the furnishings. While one half of the space is committed to living and lounging activities, the second part is more geared towards sit down meetings, and round table conversations. The meeting space is further defined by two centrally located pendant fixtures.

It was important to the client to tell a story with the space and initiate spontaneous conversations by the artwork and accessories used in the space. The goal was achieved by implementing contemporary canvas wrapped art, reclaimed iron bicycle wheel mirrors, re-purposed fallen Chicago-area trees as “chop chop” end tables and/or stools and contemporary subway backsplash tile containing recycled glass.

Within one month, the previously dark and two decade old space, was transformed into a lively, energetic and fun community room for all the tenants and their guest to enjoy.


Our condo board was faced with the task of renovating our outdated community room.  It is not a particularly large room, so economic use of space was our biggest concern.  Aga immediately impressed our board with her confidence and the clarity of her vision for our space.  Once her vision became reality, we knew that we had made the right choice.  Aga was delightful to work with, and she will be the first one we call for our next design project.

-Sean Duffey, Condo Board Member



  • space plan
  • specification of interior finishes & materials
  • selection of fixtures and furnishings
  • selection of artwork