What We Offer

Who do I work with?

I work with a diverse group of clients: corporate, hotel owners and operators, senior living property owners and operators, small business owners, non-profits, condominium boards and condominium owners. I also help design firms and teams complete projects on time and on budget by providing project-based consulting services.

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How do I charge for my services?

Depending on the scope of the project, I can provide hourly-based services or a flat-fee full project design. I act as a designer and specifier, and do not resell product. Any discounts I receive on selected product or materials gets passed along to the client, as an added benefit. I do require a downpayment to secure a project. A downpayment is usually between 30-50% of the total cost estimate, or equal to 5 hours of consulting time, on smaller projects.

How big is my team?

I am an independent interior designer who, based on the scope of the project, can recommend an architect, a general contractor or other trades professionals to the client. Client is required to enter into a direct agreement with those individuals/businesses. I am also comfortable working within client’s existing team of architects and contractors.

What makes my work different?

My focus in creating design solutions for a client is telling their story. Whether for a home-owner, or small business operator, I try to learn the brand and the personality of the client and translate it into a three dimensional design. Utilizing local talent and product is also important. It provides a client with a unique, non-catalog solution which supports local economy and enhances the story told in the space. On the most challenging projects, my extensive network of local trades professionals can do wonders.