The fresh and unexpected, Galway, Ireland

December 21st, 2010 12:55 pm

On our recent trip to Ireland, which was inspirational, relaxing, challenging and professionally enriching, we have spent a day in Galway. Located on the west coast of Ireland, it is a lovely, young and rapidly growing (third largest at the moment) city in the Republic. Perhaps due to its size, it is a friendly and convenient weekend getaway for the locals. We liked Galway and we loved the hotel we stayed at. Just wait to see the snap shots from The House Hotel.

The outside may give an impression of a traditional and cozy, port-town establishment, but step inside, and you will realize how wrong you were. This is one of those “don’t judge a book by its cover” cases. Man, was I positively surprised.

It almost feels like walking into a space that exploded with bubble gum and juice boxes. Full of energy, playfulness, unexpected style and design element combinations, and art, great art!

Apparently, the House Hotel  is known for its extraordinary cocktail menu. We tried the food at the hotel restaurant. Not spectacular, but left us satisfied and overall happy. Both the lobby and the restaurant share the same eclectic feel. A very smart mix of contemporary and traditional style furnishings, exceptional artwork and lighting selections, all come together to provide a very comfortable interior.

The House Hotel incorporated a fun and very legible directional and informational signage. The clever and minimal content and graphic incorporation, is what made me stop and take a photo.

While the public spaces are wild and eclectic, the guest rooms may present a bit more restrain and calming approach. Rightfully so, the color schemes inside the rooms steers more towards the neutral with an accent of color.

Very modern, minimal, yet still inviting and personable bedroom, and a tastefully done, also on the smaller scale, bathroom met and exceeded our expectations.

What a gem!

Just for the record, the designer on the project was Razor Interior Design from South Africa. Great work!

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