Various travel experiences

October 10th, 2011 11:43 am

Forget Days Inn, and the Hamptons. Imagine trying something new, next time you and your family set out on an adventure. Depending on a risk and activity level, there are many accommodation and travel options out there, that you have never dreamed off. Or maybe you did.

How cool would it be to stay in a treehouse hotel, on your next family vacation. Many concepts for an invisible, the least obtrusive to nature, are out there, but the Tree Hotel in Sweden, is actually making a reality.

What about ice hotel, where every piece of the structure, and interior fixtures is made of crystal-clear ice. Also in Sweden (is there a pattern?), The IceHotel has bee growing in popularity, expending last season by 63% of occupancy. Seems like a “hot” trend for travelers!

Sleeping in under 5 degree Censius temperature just doesn’t seem enjoyable or smart, but there are people, who find it exciting. I have to say, the craftsmanship, and the pure physics behind keeping ice and snow in their designed shapes, and not allowing it to melt, grabs my attention. And the play of light, very cool.

Those are sure to provide unforgettable hotel experiences. Those of you looking for more activity-driven vacation plan, options are also worth mentioning.

Some say that the travel experience will come down on a scale of “how unheard-of” and “how unimaginable”, and become more about meaningfulness and life-long impact.

Voluntourism has become a popular activity for those, who want to maximize their limited vacation time, and combine sightseeing  with volunteering. Some decide to help out with building classrooms while visiting Morocco, others travel to New Zealand to not only explore the island but also help preserve the kiwi and other endangered native birds. There are many organizations who offer abroad travel combined with productive volunteering. The key to this type of travel is open mind and humble approach. You are contributing your vacation time to assist with rebuilding, securing or maintaining lives, which is no light matter.

Whether on a tree, in an ice-cube, or in a canoe in jungle, all of these vacation options would be sure to bring truly fulfilling experiences.

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