What’s on your iPad?

September 15th, 2011 12:15 pm

Lucky me. I won my iPad (version 1) at NeoCon, the largest contract furniture fair in Chicago, in 2010. Thank you KI for allowing me to participate in the drawing! Since then, I have  been playing around and trying different applications. Like with iPhone apps, I always get asked, what iPad apps I use the most. Here is the rundown:

I start my day with USA Today. It’s a morning routine. Breakfast and news on my iPad. Occasionally, I check the weather using TWC MAX+. I also scan Newsweek and NY Times for good editorials. For evening news catchup, I recommend going with Newsy, a video news app.

During the day, I listen to music using my Pandora app, search for videos using YouTube, ping music I like while out and about using Shazam, and of course price check with Amazon. Occasionally, I use Zappos as a stress-relief. My friends, shoe-fanatics, know what I’m talking about 🙂

I leave all my business files in my Dropbox account, so they are accessible while I’m out. Also, to stay connected and track all my social media activity, I am constantly checking Hootsuite.

My dock has five mostly used apps: Photos (my family and design portfolio is on there), Mail (no explanation needed), Contacts (my human ledger), iPod (music) and a Safari browser.

Not the least expensive apps out there, but very helpful with file editing, are Pages, Numbers and Keynote, the iWork bunch. I sync a ton of keynote presentations, word/pages files to read/edit, spreadsheets to review while out of the office.

For pdf reading and marking, I fine GoodReader to do the trick. Offline Pages gives me a chance to save web pages I get to when I have Wifi access, but can return to them and read more when I’m offline. The nature of my job is that I am dining and entertaining a lot. Yelp is a great app to not only check out a new lunch place I am taking a client to, but also leave my own review about a great, or not so great experience.

As a blogger, WordPress gives me 24/7 access to my portal. I can start a blog post, edit an existing one, make notes for future posts. I read books with Kindle app, and brush up on my French using French Verb or Totale, when I have a few minutes to spear between appointments, or just hanging out at home. If you are into digital magazines, Nxtbook offers hundreds of free publications to read or download.

I also have a few “special” folders set up. One is the Creative Folder with Sketchbook Pro, a sketching app which I use a stylus to work in. I also love enhancing photos with ColorSplash, drawing with Draw, and mindmapping with MindMeister. I hate Notepad, so instead of writing continuous notes, which end up being unexciting, lacking prioritization and any correlation to each other, I map. It’s fun!

My husband and I watch a lot films; I married a film production major; should have expected that. My go to apps in the Film Folder are IMDB and Flixster. You can look up films, actors, directors, but also rate them, save for later, and even view trailers.

Lastly, my Lifestyle Folder includes Wine.com, an app that keeps my tasted wines list. I bake cookies with Martha Stewart using her MS Cookies app. Also, for recipe ideas Epicurious is helpful, and I love getting recipe inspirations from Food & Wine app.

For fun, I golf and track my game with Golfplan and Golfshot. I love memory games, so I also spend a lot of time playing  Memory. Brian and I indulge in a game of iPad Scrabble once in a while. And of course, no iPad would be complete without Solitaire.

My app list keeps changing, but this is the best of what I have used so far. What apps are on your iPad?

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