What is a Crypton Fabric?

May 3rd, 2013 7:54 am

I graduated from Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) in 2007. But even before I got my official diploma in Interior Design, I learned about a ground-braking invention– Crypton Fabric. Someone did a moisture barrier test in class – they poured water onto a fabric, and we could see the water bead up, and not penetrate the moisture barrier of the fabric. I was sold.

how crypton fabric keeps the water from penetrating through, crypton super fabric, water beading on the surface of crypton fabric

Image provided by Crypton


Crypton is a manufacturing process, not a finish. It is a way a fabric is made, from the very extrusion, that offers PERMANENT, not applied, stain, moisture, mildew, bacteria and odor-resistant protection. It is the perfect product for any application:

  • where moisture and heavy soiling is an issue
  • where antimicrobial/antibacterial finish is required
  • where heavy staining is possible and
  • where strong cleaning solutions are used


20 years ago, the first Crypton fabric was engineered to be different than any other textile solution in the world.

Upon graduation, I took on an internship with a senior living company, which focused on creating home-like environments for seniors with a heavy-duty durability and ease of maintenance in mind. We used a lot of Crypton fabrics; all chairs, sofas and benches were upholstered in a Crypton fabric.

The first few collections were not very pleasing to the touch or to the eye; the heat transfer prints, though kept the unwanted substances out of the cushions, felt plastic-y and very institutional. But if McDonald (first commercial customer) saw the benefits, it was going to be good! In 1996, Crypton introduced the woven fabric technology, which was a huge step forward. You could still feel some rigidness to the fabric, and the vinyl-like backing, but they were much better. From there, every year was an improvement. Then the William Wegman collection, JoAnn Fabric Super Stores distribution, bedding, outdoor fabrics, and finally Crypton carpet and wallcovering.


Today’s Crypton fabrics, unless you read the label, feel and look like velvets, cotton or any other fiber. They are vibrant, inspiring and continue to provide the extraordinary protection. With the introduction of Crypton 2.0,

“There are so many more bells and whistles (…). You won’t be able to tell (that it’s Crypton). It’s beyond what we have even dreamed of”,

explained Randy Rubin, co-founder of the company, in his recent article for Interiors and Sources.

So I am excited. Crypton of today is not just available to the commercial field. It is taking over homes and for valid reasons. Good work Crypton!


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