SLS Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip

March 14th, 2015 5:11 pm

Sarah Hotel and Casino was the sixth largest casino built on the Strip back in the 1950s. It lived a long and lush life. When it closed its doors in 2011, nobody knew its future. In the summer of 2014, it reopened under a new brand – SLS (which stands for Style, Luxury and Service). Three years and over 400 million dollars, the old Sahara is looking good.

I visit Las Vegas regularly. It provides an immense amount of inspiration. I also love the pace and the standard of life it represents…even if I only get to experience it for a few days a year. I tend to stay closer to the middle or the south end of the Las Vegas Boulevard, because it seems to fit my personally more than the north-end or event downtown. But this time, I chose to try something new. The SLS Hotel and Casino is indeed one of the newest and hottest hotels on the strip. So I needed to check it out.

SLS Hotel and Casino-Sign

The SLS Hotel has everything you could wish for. It not only offers a versatile arena for the gaming fan, but it also does a great job attracting the non-gambling visitors. With its three separate towers with over 1,600 rooms, nine restaurants, three clubs, a spa with a salon, and a cabana-lined pool, it proves to be a great option to all the established hotels on the strip.

SLS Hotel and Casino-Sushi

SLS Hotel and Casino-Cafe

SLS Hotel and Casino-Gallery

It brings a unique design aesthetic that only Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino can beat. Just look at these custom-printed carpet patterns. Through the property, these seem to be weaving in and out, surprising you with color, pattern and random alignment. I like it!SLS Hotel and Casino-Print carpet4

SLS Hotel and Casino-Print carpet3

SLS Hotel and Casino-Print carpet2

SLS Hotel and Casino-Print carpet1

SLS Hotel and Casino-Print carpet5

SLS Hotel and Casino-Print carpet6

The SLS has three towers, each offers a different design approach. The World Tower is the most approachable, one that most travelers would associate with comfort and class. The rooms at the World Tower were designed by Phillippe Starck to be “cost effective chic”, according to a quote I located in an article published by Vegas Chatter.

SLS Hotel and Casino-World Tower

The next tower is the Lux Tower.  It offers more spacious and grander style rooms, with a number of traditional elements (or so I was told by the clerk at the check-in desk).

SLS Hotel and Casino-Luxe World

The last and the most fun tower is the Story Tower. This tower has no grand approach, but the rooms make up for that.

SLS Hotel and Casino-Corridors

They are downright cool. They may be small but these cleverly laid-out rooms offer unique lighting solutions, high-tech options, all the comfort amenities packaged in a combination of sleek meets warehouse-inspired look.

SLS Hotel and Casino-Guess bedroom3

The headboard and the back/arms of the sofa are made of white acrylic which illuminates when extra light is needed. The dual sliding doors provide privacy for the shower and the water closet and act as giant mirrors. And for a little spice, there also is  a mirror mounted on the ceiling, right over the bed.

SLS Hotel and Casino-Guess bedroom1

SLS Hotel and Casino-Guess bedroom5

I’m loving the bright yellow tile and paint selections combined with the classic white bedding, grey walls and concrete-like ceilings. The juxtaposition of glossy/shiny materials to matte/rough finishes bring great energy and dynamic into the space.

SLS Hotel and Casino-Guess bedroom4

SLS Hotel and Casino-Guess bedroom2

It’s a great place overall. I especially enjoyed the monkey theme. There is a Monkey Bar, you can get a monkey t-shirt, even the staff wears uniforms with monkey graphics on their backs. It’s actually pretty clever.

One inevitable complaint – the location. Though the area is getting better, cleaner, more developed, the north-end of the Strip has a long way to go before it starts to generate the kind of crowds that gather on the other end of the boulevard. Despite the convenient access to the Tram, it still feels like the middle of nowhere…middle of nowhere in style.

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