Crowne Plaza Milwaukee Airport

June 28th, 2011 12:13 pm

My work sends me all over the country. When I travel, I take the time to photograph and blog about hotels I stay at. Hospitality design is my greatest passion and hobby. Noticing trends, seeing where the industry is going, and reporting on these finding is what I try to do here. But I realized, I have been missing out on the opportunity to promote my own home city’s hotel industry as well as the influence that interior design has on public perception of the city. Hence, this post.

Welcome to the first blog entry from a long series of “promoting Milwaukee”. If you are planning a trip to Milwaukee, or accidentally get rerouted through, trust me, there is plenty of quality, inspiring and well designed hotels in the airport, downtown and lake front areas. To begin with the airport location, I am featuring The Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel.

What a surprise this hotel is. With an unpretentious exterior, it provides many reasons to explore the inside. Opened after a major rebuilt in August of 2009, Crowne Plaza brings a contemporary flair, spaciousness and modern amenities to the Milwaukee hospitality landscape. The open lobby concept, which brakes out into a snack and cocktail bar, many intimate seating arrangements,  a technology lounge, evokes the feeling of convenience-driven luxury, high-tech and professionalism.

Simple surface treatments, polished chrome  and glass bead light fixtures, bring in the sparkle and high class, whereas the casual bench seating, high back and very comfortable wing backs and lounge chairs, spread though offer private yet fun seating options. Bright red is a tying accent color throughout, represented in carpeting, throw pillows, accent walls and art.

Crowne Plaza offers multiple meeting rooms, banquet halls and smaller party rooms of many type and sizes. Some are more intimate with fireplaces, and theater seating, others offer a banquet type setting with open floorplan, separate entrance and dedicated restrooms. You have a need, they can meet it. It’s that simple. All rooms have access to AV system.

There also is an on-site restaurant servicing guests and locals seven days a week. Altitude restaurant and bar are kept in a contemporary style, with black and white decor and large prints throughout. The chef is German, and I hear he is a real artist….his dishes are experimental and delicious.

I wish I knew about this little hideaway sooner. I think it’s a gem, in the sea of tired, limited service hotels in the airport area. Crowne Plaza challenges the popular opinion of Milwaukee; it offers a new perspective on the city and the region. Well designed hotel has the power to change peoples’ minds. Interior design, is it relates to creating memorable experiences, brand relevance and overall customer satisfaction, can do wonders. Well done Crowne Plaza.

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  1. Brian Artka says:

    awesome photos.

  2. Billy says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog. This is really great work – your photography is excellent! Glad I found this 🙂

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