Think Big Conference

May 21st, 2011 9:50 pm

It’s time to put your small and big ideas to the test. Think Big Kansas City, the Premier Conference for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Startups has been created to provide the educational forum and launch pad in order to ignite the hard work of entrepreneurial excellence and potential startup companies.

Having been in the shoes of the many attendees of this conference, and sharing a deep belief that one CAN create a destiny for himself, if one has a good ideas, that fits the market void and provides value. But most importantly, no matter how innovative, unique, spectacular the idea, you better prepare yourself for a lot of non-glamorous time getting it off the ground. But the one thing certain is that your passion and love for the idea, the product or service you want to bring to life, will power it through and be the best fuel to those doubtful moments. Keep at it, and never give up, would be my mini advise.

But who am I to give you advise. If you look at the line up of Think Big Conference, that’s where you should be, if you care to start something BIG.

Learn from Bill Rancic, a real estate developer, entrepreneur, winner of the very first Apprentice, who is the keynote speaker of the day. Participate in the many break out sessions lead by many local and nationwide business men and women.

Yes, I am attending the Think BIG Conference in Kansas City, MO on Tuesday May 24th at the Kansas City Convention Center. If you can’t make it, don’t worry. I will be blogging and keeping everyone in the loop about the happenings LIVE. Don’t miss it!

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