5 Trends from The 2014 Hospitality Design Show in Las Vegas, NV

May 19th, 2014 4:12 pm

You either love or hate Las Vegas. With its immense amount of stimulation, hotels that look like they can reach the sky and non-stop operating casinos, it is a mecca for the hospitality industry. As such, it is the best place to host any design-related conference, but especially the Hospitality Design Show. I’ve been to this show before (back in 2008). Though it has definitely decreased in size, it is still one of the most critical conferences one can attend, if at all interested in hospitality interior design.


Just because we thought that we have seen enough textural and nature-inspired finishes in the last few years, doesn’t mean this trend is over yet. In fact, textures are more visible and versatile than ever before; architectural panels by Architectural Systems, textured ceramic tiles by Stone Source, textile wallcovering by Innovations, and of course, multi-dimension hospitality carpet by Mohawk/Durkan. Wherever you go, and whatever you touch, it most likely has a texture.

textural panels by Architectural Systems

Ribbons wallcovering by Innovations

stone source textural ceramic tile

carpet tile by Mohawk


Though according to Pantone, Radiant Orchid is the 2014 color of the year, there were plenty of other colors being shown. Cool and warm neutrals mixed together, a healthy doze of teal, but also energetic and fun combinations of all sorts of hues.

Indie walls

outdoor furniture by JLF Collections

stone source colorful ceramic tile

stone source colorful ceramic tile

sunbrella yarn


Again, haven’t we all seen enough chevrons and hexagons in the world. Nope. Apparently not. More patterns are emerging, in those classic iteration but also new, more interesting, bolder versions.

hand made tile by tabarka

hand made tile by tabarka

hand-cut mosaic tile

carpet tile by Mohawk

hand-cut mosaic tile


Before I left for the show, I was reading the most recent issue of the Mix Magazine, my new find and most comprehensive color theory and trend resource yet. Guess what they focused on. Indeed, the upcoming wave of African design and culture influence on design and especially pattern and various dying techniques. Not sure, but this global interest, seeing in both fashion and interiors, may have something to do with Cape Town being awarded The World Capital of Design in 2014.

new fabric collection from Architex


In an industry which focuses more on the bottom-line, it’s good to see interest in the locally and hand-made product. Quality vs. quantity, right? It’s not hard to spot a product that’s been made with love and passion, by the creative hands of a craftsman, instead of a machine. Glad to have found a few of those gems:

LED made in the USA light fixture by Meadow Lighting

hand blown glass in Czech Republic

These are the five most visible trends I spotted at this year’s HD Show. I’m sure you noticed these, or other ones, too. It is invigorating and empowering to be part of such an inspiring, vastly changing and globally recognized industry. If you have the slightest interest in hospitality design, you must attend HD Show next year. No other show compares.


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