Amazing experience at ASID GoPRO/NYC

September 24th, 2014 11:06 am

Jenny Rebholz and I started to collaborate with ASID National on the content and our participation in the GoPRO/NYC event back in June. I can’t believe that it is the end of September already. GoPRO/NYC has come and gone, but it left us with amazing, life-changing memories.

New York, baby

No comment is necessary. Just look at this view!

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GoPRO/NYC was born exactly four years ago. ASID is recognizing that Generation Y, The Millennials are a huge force of change and their priorities, lifestyle and tech-savvy will alter the way we see, practice and experience design for ever. ASID has focused special attention and program development on helping emerging design professionals to continue to educate themselves in the following categories:

PROfessional Development

As part of the PROfessional Development category, Jenny and I were invited to offer insight on the importance of having a personal brand (we call it The Brand of You), ways to differentiate yourself, establish critical career goals and take strategic steps to achieve them. A career in design is a journey. Knowing who you are and where you are going will make it easier to deal with the twists and turns of the unforeseen circumstances. We wrote a book on these topics which we are hopeful will be published in early 2015.

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A recap of the event was published by Contract Design Magazine a few days after. Interior Design Magazine also published a short event review.

Career Maps

We spoke in front of large audiences before. But we wanted to do something special for this event. We created these hand-drawn (by yours truly) career maps. Prior to the event, we talked with all the speakers to not just learn their stories, but to understand the paths and the decision making they had to do to move forward in their careers. Everyone faces challenges on their career journey, both personal and professional. It’s important to learn from those moments and move on. A change is just that; it’s a change of direction, not the end of the road. We think these maps are an inspiring and definitely more engaging way of looking at one’s career path than a chronological, bulleted resume, don’t you.

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Amazing People

Students and young professionals sometime forget the value and the insight they bring to the table. I was genuinely amazed and inspired by everyone’s story, their energy and passion for design. The longer you practice, the easier it is to loose that passion. Events like these have the power to reignite that “can do” attitude. I mean…just look at all these happy faces!

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I must also recognize the ASID staff and the incredible amount of work they put into making this event such a huge success. They are an amazing bunch. Always professional, always smiling….

ASID Staff at Gopronyc

Amazing Places

The event is designed to provide multi-platform experiences. Attendees were encouraged to explore the city, move around between showrooms, tour sites and networking events. Directions were provided, but you could choose to get there however you wanted: by foot, by taxi, by metro. There is something very cool about seeing the inter-workings of the city and becoming one of the residents, if only for a 30mins commute.

Steelcase Showrom ASID Gopronyc

Sandow Building, material connexion, ASID, Gopronyc

Sandow Building, ASID, Gopronyc, Material ConneXion, Library

The Benefit of Being a Member of ASID

It’s kind of a big deal for two ordinary individuals like ourselves to be invited to New York City to speak to a group of 100 passionate and energetic emerging interior designers. If this is not a proof that being a member of a professional organization is worth every penny and every minute of your time, than I don’t know what is. Being a part of a large group of like-minded people gives you a platform to realize and achieve your professional goals. Ours is to bring our passion from branding, networking and strategic career development to the industry at large, and ASID has been instrumental in getting us there.

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So if you were previously considering attending this, or any other national design event, but never pulled the trigger, I hope my recap just made you change your mind. Indeed, GoPRO/NYC was an amazing experience!

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A week after the event, this short writeup appeared in the ASID Icon, the organization’s quarterly print and digital publication. asid icon, artka, schrank, gopro


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