All things cork

December 8th, 2009 11:45 am

I am working on a project, where cork has become a dominating theme. We are installing cork flooring by Duro-Design. Redoing the bar to implement a clever wine storage solution. I am exploring ways to incorporate recycled wine stoppers into the front counter top and even cork artwork. While doing online research, I run into all these fascinating products.


Cork table and stool by Jasper Morrison

Furniture contest entries for Design Within Reach


Alentejo Pendant by Forecast Lighting

Sonoma 3-Light Pendant by Uttermost

Dome Oak Cork Pendant by Benjamin Hubert Studio


Sofa Bricks by Aya Koike


Cork bowling ball and pins by Jan D. Elftmann

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  1. Timberwerks says:

    Cork is fantastic. I’ll be installing a cork floor in the studio soon.

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