T-shirts for Creatives

July 2nd, 2012 10:37 am

When you have a good idea, act on it. This is precisely what we did with our out-of-the-blue t-shirt idea, which has now been transformed into a full-force online business.

Enough Said Company was born in June of 2011. My business partner and I printed two t-shirts that said “Interior Designers Have More Fun” and wore them to NeoCon, the International Contract Furniture Expo in Chicago, IL.

What started as a fun thing, turned into a business idea. Attendees of the show liked our shirts so much that we couldn’t walk a 100 feet without being asked where we got them from.

And so, we printed more and sold them to friends and industry connections. Then, we added two more designs and continued on selling them to the local audience. Now, we have five designs ready to ship via our fabulously slick and responsive web page.

Our mission is simple – produce shirts that speak your mind. Our slogans are daring, funny and pertain to all creatives. Because we, right-brainers have to stick together!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your t-shirt today!

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